Vancouver, listen up because the fashion police have graced us with some new offerings, and looking like a fashionable athlete has never been easier!
For too long Vancouverites have been known as the “no fun” city, with a population who struts around in “Lulu’s” through the day and night. But with the arrival of a few new stores, that is all about to change.

The two new shining stars to hit the Vancouver fitness apparel landscape are the Reebok outlet store in Tsawwassen; and Vancouver’s own RYU (Respect Your Universe), on West 4th, along with their brand new showcase store on Thurlow (and Robson) street. While they are different in size and approach, they do share similarities in making quality fashionable apparel that results in a big win for YOU, looking the part of an urban athlete.
Reebok is a reputable global brand that has been around for decades, but until now you could only find it online, or in a few retailers scattered throughout the lower mainland. All of that has changed with the opening of the new Tsawwassen Mills Mall, and the arrival of the first Reebok outlet store in Vancouver.
RYU is a local Vancouver company that does things a little differently, and over the last 18 months, they have been making a solid footprint in the lower mainland. They have a strong sense of supporting the community, and the athletes within it. Their apparel can best be described as minimalist, #BEAUTIFULTOUGH athletic street wear.

Now that you know who the players are, here’s why you need to check them out…

From shoes to apparel the selection at the Reebok outlet store is vast, with styles & a color selection that will make you stand out in the crowd. What you’ll find when you walk in the store is an experienced staff that will educate you on their products, and help you choose the appropriate gear will for your needs. There are numerous promotions going on all the time, so you’ll always be sure to find a good deal.
As mentioned before RYU takes more of a minimalist approach to their apparel, so what will strike you when you walk in the store is a clean refined sleek look. Again, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and will be able to help you pick out the right size & cut for your needs. The color scheme is primarily a selection of blacks, greys, and maroon. Their gear has great lines, with a “made in Canada”, second skin like feel that will make every body look great. Shelves are not over stocked, giving you a feeling of exclusivity (and if your size is sold out, they will call you when its back in stock, and give you $10 off just for coming back).
RYU is also supportive of the fitness community in Vancouver, and they have a “trainer & athlete member program” that is loaded with benefits that will keep you coming back. This goes a long way in serving our community, you can find out more by visiting one of the two locations.

Well, that the goods on two great companies, so If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for Christmas, I can promise that you will not be disappointed by making a visit, but, I would suggest that you move fast because the word is spreading fast.
Here are a few gift ideas for you… Reebok has always been known for is their shoes, so if you’re looking for a all round workout shoe, then I highly recommend the Reebok Nano 6, it’s tough as nails, and is always ready for action.
At RYU, I know you’ll love the fit & feel of the Midlayr Hoodie… your welcome.

Have an awesome holiday season, and I would love to hear your thoughts once you’ve stepped in both of these retailers. That’s a wrap, season’s greetings.

Tommy aka SHRED SANTA!

Written by: Tommy Europe