• SHRED® 365 Online Training

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    30-Days Program
    Total Amount: 425.00 CAD

  • SHRED® 5-Pack

    2-Month Program
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Actor Strength and Conditioning Coach Information


All of our Personal Training Packages are listed below; we look forward to helping you reach your goals.

  • SHRED365 Online Training$97
  • SHRED Starter Pack$425
  • SHRED 5 Pack$1,000
  • SHRED Elite$2,400
  • SHRED Platinum$4200
SHRED 365 Online Training SHRED Starter Pack SHRED 5 Pack SHRED Elite SHRED Platinum
90min SHRED Assessment & Training Session with Tommy      
60min SHRED Assessment & Analysis Session with Tommy   
SHRED Meal Plan     
SHRED Elite Meal Plan (customized)    
20min Body Strategy Session (via Skype or Google Hangout)      
Online Training with Tommy 7 Day FREE Trial60 Days2 Months3 Months6 Months
1-on-1 Training with Tommy    5 x 60min Sessions10 x 60min Sessions 12 x 60min Sessions
SHRED Essentials Package    
Ultimate Adventure Day with Tommy     
7 day FREE trial
$1,100 SAVINGS
Price for Partner Session (2 people)   $525

Price for Small Group (3-5 people)   $200 / person
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Q: Who needs a personal trainer?

The simple answer is everyone! Professional athletes, corporate clients, fitness enthusiasts, and beginners can ALL benefit from the guidance of a fitness professional.

Tommy has helped over 5,000 people improve their health, increase motivation, reach their goals and become more productive at work, and in life! You can be next…

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?

This really depends on YOU, and how committed you are to reaching your goal. We provide you with the education and guidance and know, but YOU have to take ultimate responsibility for your success. With that said, every body is different and responds to exercise differently. Typically, clients who stick to the game plan can see a physical difference within four weeks. However, you will notice an increase in energy, motivation, and focus within the first week.

Q: How long is a personal training session?

Our personal training sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long depending on your training package.

Q: What does my first session consist of?

Your first session with Tommy will consist of an assessment and training session. During this session Tommy will cover health history, posture, cardiovascular fitness, strength testing and flexibility. You will also complete a fitness test. This session will give us a clear baseline, allowing us to design a personalized fitness plan that allows you to reach your goals.

Q: Where are the facilities that Tommy trains out of?

Tommy is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and primarily trains at two (2) downtown locations:

  • 1. Groundwork Athletics:
        #10- 736 Granville Street, Vancouver

  • 2. Fit In 30 Minutes:
        527 W 8th Ave #1, Vancouver

Tommy also trains out of his home studio in the Tri-City area, and he does train out of other studios across Canada from time to time.

If you want Tommy to come to you, there is travel fee in addition to your training package.

Q: Have any other questions? Please fill out the Contact Tommy form.

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