This is a blog post that you’ll want to read, because back issues affect everyone at some point in their lives. Jane Sandwood has put together information that will help you make better decisions when it comes to protecting your back.

Medical experts state that 80% of the world’s population experience back pain during their lifetime, according to a 2018 report by Better Health. The common causes of back pain among adults include strained muscles, lifting heavy objects and stress fractures. Most health experts encourage people to regularly exercise to improve their health and strengthen the back muscles. Keeping the core abdominal and back muscles strong is essential for your back. However, many people end up hurting their backs when working out, oftentimes leading to life-long injuries.

Nevertheless, there are simple ways which can be used to protect you from back injuries during work out sessions. Let’s briefly discuss the tips and the benefits:

Enhance Your Overall Physical Fitness

The condition of your spine reflects your overall health. Getting little sleep can further aggravate any current back pain that you may have. It is vital for you to sleep comfortably and get enough sleep after exercising to maintain good health. Some ways of improving your health include drinking enough water during and after working out, minimising alcohol intake, and eating a diet rich in protein as well as fruits and vegetables. Stretching before working out relaxes the muscles preventing strains. Swimming and cycling which are low impact sports can also be considered, reducing the risk of injuring to your back.

Work With a Professional Trainer

Regardless of your age, lifting heavy objects at the gym puts significant stress on your spine. Injury to the lower back may occur when you incorrectly lift heavy objects. Therefore, consider working with a professional trainer who can tailor a unique personal training plan for you to prevent spinal injuries. In case you get injured when exercising, the trainer present can assess and diagnose the extent of the damage. Afterwards, they can work closely with a qualified spinal injury physician develop a treatment and recovery plan that is best suited to your condition. If you can’t get to a personal trainer in your area, then come and train with me online SHRED365.

Make Simple Tweaks to Your Routine

Simple exercises such as planks, push-ups, pull-ups, squats and deadlifts can hurt your back if done incorrectly. For planks, a simple tweak includes avoiding arching your back and letting your entire body be symmetrical. In performing squats, try exercising without using the gym machines as it causes strain on your joints leading to back injuries. Making small changes in your workout routines can go a long way in protecting your back from pain and damage while strengthening other muscle groups in the body.

Back pains affect avid exercisers and those who don’t. It causes undesirable pain that can make getting out of bed, bending over or even breathing seem unbearable. The above steps can help in keeping you injury-free during your workouts.

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Written by: Tommy Europe