SHREDnation, today is a great day to Go Green!

I want to thank Jane Sandwood for writing a great article on ways that you can get fit & help the planet at the same time. We all know that looking after our environment is just as important as looking after our bodies. Canada’s rate of global warming is twice the global rate which sits at 2 degree celsius. This means Canadians can expect a 4 degree rise across the whole of the country over the next century or so. Almost everything that you do on a daily basis damages the environment to some extent, your workouts included. As you strive for a healthier life, it’s important to make sure that your workouts are eco-friendly.

Considering The Environment

There are so many ways to make your workout eco-friendly. From walking to the gym instead of driving to buying ethically produced gym clothing even the smallest of changes can contribute to a greener environment for all of us. Almost every part of your workout from warm up to cool down can be made much more environmentally friendly than you might think.

Look At The Bigger Picture

It’s not always the workout itself that causes damage to the environment. Everything that you wear to workout in, the energy products you consume while exercising and any toiletries you might use once you hit the shower need to be ethically produced as well. Investing in sulfate free hair products is a great way to go green after your workout. Small changes such as this can make a big difference globally.

What Else Can Be Done?

According to the Global Atmosphere Watch, carbon dioxide levels are at their highest level for 3 million years. There are things we as individuals can do to help tackle climate change. We are in control of how we spend our money and by choosing to purchase items from only carbon-conscious companies then would make a very loud statement. There are ways to help the environment that you may not necessarily think of. Taking the time to check if the packaging of your protein shakes and carbohydrate bars have been made with the environment in mind could be a small change to your routine that makes a big difference to the world.

Striking A Balance

Gym workouts are great and can offer you a workout variety that you can’t always get at home. However, as much as possible it’s best to just hit the great outdoors to workout on foot to offset the use of any electronic gym machines such as treadmills or climbers. Hitting the great outdoors and not using public transport to get to your workout destination is a great time and money saver for that’s also great for the environment.

Written by: Tommy Europe