Recently, I was fortunate to be able to participate in an amazing event called Corporate Champions Vancouver (CCV). CCV is like a mini corporate Olympics, where companies of all sizes compete against each other over a two week period in a variety of activities, sports, and challenges. The CCV event is a great demonstration of what active companies with engaged employees can do to get healthier as a team, while impacting the corporate culture. We’ve all heard the statistics of just how unhealthy many corporations have become, and the results are highlighted in a great article that I read a while back in Forbes Magazine by Joshua Love, Five Reasons Corporate Wellness Is More Important Than Ever.

Mr. Love emphasizes that the keys to a successful wellness program are engagement, motivation, support and strategy, and that employees MUST be involved in the solution. I have experienced this first-hand– it really does make a huge difference when employees are actually asked what they would like to see in their benefits and wellness program. Wellness needs to be done with employees, not to them, or the effects won’t last. When employees feel they have ownership in a system, and they have the full support of management, their engagement increases. Too many companies believe that they have achieved success in their wellness initiatives by offering great benefit packages and giving out perks like free gym memberships.  It’s wonderful to reward those who are already healthy and those who are already using the gym, but it does little for the unmotivated majority of the employee population.

Tommy Europe Fitness has been involved in corporate wellness for over 10 years. Due to an overwhelming demand by Canadian corporations, we recently launched our Corporate SHRED™ Wellness Makeover. Most companies know they should be doing something to get their workforce healthier, but seem to have questions as to where to start and how to build a strong foundation to succeed. I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of Canada’s major companies, such as BP Canada, Pacific Blue Cross, Ritchie Brothers, Coastal Contacts, and BC Hydro, which have all developed remarkable wellness programs over the years. I’ve used this knowledge and experience to create a comprehensive wellness program that will yield amazing results for companies of all sizes.

So what should your wellness plan include? The Forbes article highlights these 5 essential elements, which I absolutely agree are necessary to get results:

1.    A higher level of awareness is essential to success. Creating an on-site wellness program is important because the majority of an employee’s waking hours are spent at the workplace.

2.    Emphasize the fact that up to 75% of chronic diseases are preventable. The only way to prevent disease is with actionable steps to halt progression. An employee wellness program needs to address this through consistent education and layers of accountability.

3.    Be creative. Challenge your program to stay on the latest trends; it will help to appoint a wellness leader who takes direct responsibility over the operations.

4.    Combat rising healthcare costs. As a result of increasing healthcare costs, some employers are now lowering employees’ contribution costs with rebates if they do participate in a wellness program.

5.    Corporate wellness is a complex, long-term play. The success of corporate wellness is driven by the unique strategy behind it. It involves a framework that outlines short and long-term goals for the employee and the employer. Corporate wellness needs support, leadership, commitment from the vendor, employer and employees. A successful program takes time and constantly evolves so it can be integrated into the fabric of the company’s culture. Corporate wellness is not just one solution; it is the culmination of many solutions that work together under one strategy. It involves layers of physical activity, education, communication, incentives, and a long-term commitment.

So are you ready to change your company’s corporate culture? The time is NOW! Take the first step to becoming healthier as an employee, as an employer and as a whole. We have the tools, experience, partnerships, track record and expertise to help you achieve greatness.


Tommy Europe’s Corporate SHRED™ Wellness Makeover succeeds where other approaches fizzle out, because it is a comprehensive, scalable, customizable, measurable program that empowers your employees to see “what’s in it for them” over time. And as a business owner, you also get to track indicators that show what’s in it for you!

Let Tommy and his team show you how it’s done – and how he’s reshaping the business of health and wellness into the health and wellness of business.

Healthier employees make for healthier businesses. THAT’S the bottom line.

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Written by: Tommy Europe