What Healthy Vancouverites Eat for Breakfast

Former pro football player, TV host of The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp and Bulging Brides, author of The 10-Pound Shred, creator of SHRED Bootcamp and SHRED Wellness Makeover, and celebrity fitness coach specializing in corporate wellness. Breakfast: “For breakfast I’ll have Greek yogurt with chia, hemp seeds, strawberries and pomegranate,

BC’s Tough Men

Tommy Europe, former CFL player and fitness coach, talks about domestic violence in BC. In a world where 80% of domestic violence is caused by men, this is a men’s issue. Take the pledge to end domestic violence at http://bcstoughestmen.com.

The Truth About 10-min Workouts

The Truth About 10-min Workouts   I figured you would find this as an interesting read, given the time of the season. Over the last few years the latest trends in fitness are leaning toward the ‘shorter is better’ philosophy…but do dramatically shortened workouts really get the job done? No one can