Spring SHREDfriday!

  Spring is in the air, so it’s time to increase the intensity with your workouts, and take it to a NEW LEVEL! Join me today for a great superset workout session to add some SHRED to your life!! Make sure that you begin with a great warm up, and


  Here’s a fun partner exercise that you’ll LOVE to HATE. I’ve turned myself into a “Tommy Sled” with an extra 20lbs, thanks to my “power suit”. My partner is my client Michele, and she LOVES IT… It’s a great push/pull exercise that will really test what you’re made of.

Getting Back on Track with Fitness

You look in the mirror and wonder to yourself: How did I let myself go this far? Whether you are brand new to fitness, or you’ve simply fallen out of shape recently, here is the quick beginner’s guide to get you back on track quickly. Change your in-front-of-the-mirror thought bubble


  It’s the first #SHREDfriday of Feb so let’s get it on using the phaerofit.com Powersuit! Time for some Toe-to-Bar action with an extra 20 pounds. Who’s ready to make those abs pop? Get your POWERSUIT today and Save 10% with my code: te2016 May the #SHRED be with you, Tommy