Tommy has been a part of our annual Extreme Health Makeover event as our fitness coach and trainer and has helped numerous employees significantly reduce their health risks and achieve their health and fitness goals in a sustainable manner.

Through this annual three-month program, Tommy has provided his professional coaching expertise to a diverse range of employees and developed effective personalized programs to suit each person. We witnessed eight employees collectively lose 202.7 pounds and 119.25 inches during our 12-week challenge. The winner of the contest lost over 19% of his body weight, which amounted to 49.2 pounds and 23 inches! Most importantly, all participants indicated that they have adopted a regular exercise program and a healthy nutrition plan that they feel they can sustain. In our view, this is strong evidence for Tommy’s practical and results oriented approach.

Tommy has also delivered three health and fitness presentations for BC Hydro reaching out to over 300 employees in total. Through these sessions, we observed Tommy’s proven ability to engage diverse audiences and inspire employees to take action on their health by providing practical and sound fitness advice.

Tommy is knowledgeable, motivating, and professional and he has been an integral part of the success of our Extreme Health Makeover program.

Corrina Hill
Senior HR Advisor – Wellness
Health and Wellness, Corporate Human Resources

Written by: Tommy Europe