Award Winning Fitness Coach, TV Host, Grey Cup Champion, Best Selling Author

Best known as the tough love television host of the “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp” and “Bulging Brides,” Tommy Europe is Canada’s most recognized Health and Fitness coach.

Tommy earned his fitness credentials in the school of very hard knocks: as a professional football player. An 11-year veteran of the game, Tommy was a two-time all-star defensive back in the Canadian Football League. He played for the Montreal Alouettes, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and BC Lions, where he won the Grey Cup in 1994. He also played in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints, and is an honored member of the BC Sports Hall of Fame, BC Lions Wall of Fame, and BC Football Hall of Fame.

Following his football career, Tommy founded his own company, Tommy Europe Fitness, developing his achievements and learnings into the SHRED® philosophy as a training and performance tool. He applied this SHRED® philosophy to building his own successful business – including when making the leap into the entertainment industry as a stunt man, fitness trainer to the stars and charismatic television personality. Today, Tommy Europe Fitness has grown from one-on-one personal fitness training to include a suite of services, including comprehensive corporate wellness programs; online and group training sessions; meal plans and supplements; professional speaking; and merchandise.

Tommy has also applied the SHRED® philosophy to a cause he is passionate about: reversing the obesity epidemic and supporting kids to live healthy, active lives. Through safe and effective health, wellness, fitness and nutrition programs, Tommy is making a difference with this important initiative. Tommy has been a selfless ambassador for KidSport for several years, giving freely of his time and supporting KidSport with proceeds from his very popular bootcamps. He received the KidSport Community Champion Award for his passion for sport and for ensuring that all kids have the opportunity to play!

Tommy has translated his success in sport and fitness into a thriving business and career. As a best-selling author, a frequent media commentator, keynote speaker and award-winning coach, he inspires, influences and motivates. Audiences leave his keynotes feeling invigorated, motivated and equipped to set and reach bigger goals in any area of life

Facts about Tommy Europe:


• Two-time all-star defensive back in the CFL
• Founder of Tommy Europe Fitness, SHRED® Bootcamp, Group Training & SHRED® and Sweat!
• Award-winning fitness coach, with multiple online/DVD workout programs
• Canadian best-selling author of “The 10-Pound SHRED – From Flab to Fit in 4-Weeks”
• TV Host & Fitness Personality
• Actor & Stunt Performer (see credits here)
• Presented to faculty at two universities, two colleges, and two teacher unions

•Keynote speaker and Presenter to over 500 speeches and counting for various clients, including: BP Canada, BC Cancer Foundation, BC Hydro, Canadian Tire, Bishops University, Enbridge INC, The Health Shows, UBC, Rocky Mountaineer, canfitpro, Administrative Professionals Conference, and more…








a five-point framework to take your organization to the next level!

SHRED hat logo


In this engaging keynote presentation, Tommy lays out a path to help businesses and organizations achieve their goals using his trademark SHRED® strategy. Through personal stories and lessons learned during his career as a professional athlete, coach and successful entrepreneur, Tommy sets out a framework using Strength, Heart, Resilience, Efficiency and Discipline to tackle any business problem or challenge, and reach new levels of success.

Key lessons:

checkmark Enhancing employee performance; building high performing teams

checkmark Managing change in the workplace; overcoming obstacles that impede success

checkmark Developing leadership skills; motivating and inspiring employees







Watch Tommy in action (2 min)



Five strategies for personal growth



In today’s busy world, our own success and personal needs often fall to the bottom of the priority list. We become distracted and sometimes overwhelmed by the many demands we try to meet. In this motivational keynote presentation, Tommy shares the approach that has helped him reach years of success and achievement in sport, business and entrepreneurship. He outlines his five-point framework for helping you add SHRED® to your life. Using Strength, Heart, Resilience, Efficiency and Discipline, Tommy’s framework helps you overcome excuses and set yourself firmly on a path to achieve your goals.

Key lessons:

checkmark Balancing the demands between work and personal life

checkmark Breaking free of bad habits and establishing new, more productive ones

checkmark Developing a plan for personal growth and development – and sticking to it






Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 


In this engaging, interactive keynote, Tommy focuses on fitness and exercise to achieve greater physical and mental wellness. Drawing on his expertise as a TV fitness personality, professional athlete and trainer, Tommy helps audiences make the commitment to their health and provides the tools and strategies to keep the body and mind healthy and strong. Audiences will learn how to:

Key lessons:

checkmark Slow down the aging process through targeted physical activity and healthy eating

checkmark Reduce Stress, feel more focused, energized and fulfilled

checkmark Make a successful lifestyle change… And yes, shed those stubborn last few pounds!






10 Steps to a Lifetime of Health


In this interactive, energetic keynote presentation, Tommy shares how to not only “Get Fit “, but more importantly how to “Stay Fit”. Audiences leave knowing the commitment it takes and the tools required to make a successful lifestyle change; leading to you being happier, healthier, and more productive.

Key lessons:

checkmark  10 easy to follow steps to take control of your health & fitness

checkmark  How to overcome excuses, and set backs

checkmark  80/20 plan for living well and feeling GREAT!