Total Amount: 1,000.00 CAD




  • Five (5) SHRED® 1-on-1 Training Sessions with Tommy (1st session is your assessment)
  • SHRED® Meal Plan
  • 2-Months of Online Training with Tommy
  • 2-Months Support System


Five (5) SHRED® 1-on-1 Training Sessions with Tommy

  • Each of your 60-minute 1-on-1 SHRED® training sessions with Tommy will  push you one step closer to your goals, and get you in the best shape of your life.  Get ready to learn more effective ways to train, and get the results that you desire. Get the most out of your workout sessions. It’s time to SHRED!
  • The first session will be your SHRED® Assessment, and it  will give you an accurate assessment of where you stand with YOUR health & fitness. Tommy will give you training suggestions and pinpoint areas to focus on, with the intention of taking you from good to GREAT.
  • You must book a minimum of One (1) Training session with Tommy every two weeks.

SHRED® Meal Plan 

  • A complete fitness plan MUST include resistance training, along with a balanced diet. Without a solid meal plan, you will fall short of your goal. Now there is no need to guess what foods you should be eating as our meal plans are designed so that you can achieve optimal results! Your meal plan comes complete with a grocery list, recipes, and nutrition tips to make it easy for you to add variety to your meals, making it easier to stick to the plan.

2 Months of Online Training with Tommy

  • Training with Tommy online will allow you to be up to date with your workouts. You will have 24-hr access to your workout schedule, and detailed video workouts to allow you to achieve the results you want from a proven customized workout plan.
  • You’ll also receive email reminders of your workouts, so that you will know exactly what needs to be done. The online training feature is an amazing compliment to your 1-on-1 training sessions with Tommy.
  • Tommy will provide the workout, you pick the time and location! Working out with a Canada’s top fitness expert has never been more simple and convenient!

2 Months of our 1st Class Support System with Tommy

  • Tommy will be available for support for 2 months from the time that you start training with him. This will allow  you to keep pushing forward towards your goal with Tommy Europe as your very own coach!

Your Total Investment: $1,000 

** Partner & Group SHRED®  5-PACK packages available upon request **



Total Amount: 1,000.00 CAD