Tommy tackles the other ROI

Healthier employees make for healthier businesses. THAT’S the bottom line.

While most now agree that the Return on Investment more than justifies a corporate wellness program, many still don’t understand how to maximize that ROI. Tommy would tell you, that’s where the other ROI comes in: Return on Inspiration.


An international leader in health engagement, Tommy Europe understands that very few of us are elite-level athletes. He knows the key to success is follow-through — and the key to follow-through is a framework of challenges and goals that are fitness-level appropriate, prevent injury, and foster feelings of success. People need to SEE results, which means they not only need to set goals that are realistic for them, they also need things mapped out and measurable so they can see themselves succeeding over time. Just like good business, good health requires good strategy.

Many organizations offer wellness programs. But fewer than 35% of them take a strategic approach that includes measurement of ROI.

Tommy’s Corporate SHRED Wellness Makeover succeeds where others approaches fizzle out, because it is a comprehensive, scalable, customizable, measurable program that empowers your employees to see “what’s in it for them” over time. And as a business owner, you also get to track indicators that show what’s in it for you!

Think of it this way. Here’s a policy you implement to increase productivity that so enriches your employees’ lives that they thank you for it. Return on Inspiration indeed!  

Tommy Europe leads you way beyond just buying gym memberships for your staff. He invites you to approach employee wellness with the same strategic, quantifiable, and reportable mindset you use in every other aspect of your business.

Return on Inspiration is the idea that people need to see where they are going, feel confident that they can go there, and see tangible progress in order to stay with a program.

Let Tommy show you how it’s done – and how he’s reshaping the business of health and wellness into the health and wellness of business.

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