We schedule predetermined events such as an awareness campaign, Tommy’s live presentation, metric gathering, challenge launch, lunch & learns, and celebration day.

We select two or more 90, 60, 30-day challenges between: January 15th – June 15th, and September 15th – December 15th.
*All three of the 90, 60, and 30-day challenges finish on the same date, enabling everyone to celebrate their accomplishments at the same time.

We launch your awareness campaign to promote your new approach to wellness with Tommy’s live presentation 4-6 weeks prior to the challenge kick off. Tommy’s keynote is a great way to launch your wellness campaign, create buzz, and encourage lasting participation in the SHRED Challenge.

We determine each employee’s unique starting point, raise awareness of their current physical condition, educate on benefits of attaining a healthier lifestyle, and provide a personalized road map that will break down their path to improvement into attainable steps and goals that are both relevant and realistic.

Once employees are registered and log onto the organization’s SHRED Challenge website, they are encouraged to track their daily health activities and choices across five trackers to accumulate points. At the end of the challenge, the person, team, or division with the most points wins.


The online platform also provides employees with Tommy’s daily health tips videos and access to a resource section that includes: Tommy’s workouts videos, nutrition tips, recipes, and helpful information for a healthy journey. Always thinking in terms of relevant and realistic, all materials are suitable for all levels of fitness.

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