Total Amount: 4,200.00 CAD


You’ll train 1-on-1 with Tommy Europe for 6 Weeks while he encourages, motivates, and pushes you to new heights, while ensuring you are accountable at all times. There will be two (2) weigh-in & measurements over the 6-week period to keep you on pace.

Our program focuses on lasting behavioral change so that you enjoy both immediate success and, more importantly, long-term success & maintenance. If you’ve watched Tommy’s fitness shows “The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp” or “Bulging Brides”, then you’ve already witnessed what can happen when you are training with the proper guidance, focus and discipline.


  • One (1) SHRED®Assessment / Training session with Tommy
  • SHRED®Platinum Customized Meal Plan
  • Twelve (18) 1-on-1 SHRED®Training Sessions with Tommy
  • Adventure Day with Tommy
  • SHRED®Essentials Package
  • 6-Months of Online Training with Tommy
  • 6-Months Support System

One (1) SHRED® Assessment & Analysis Session

  • Your 60-minute session with Tommy will give you an accurate assessment of where you stand with YOUR health & fitness. Tommy will give you training suggestions and pinpoint areas to focus on, with the intention of taking you from good to GREAT. You will receive a functional movement assessment, so you will have a clear idea of where you are on the scale of “health & fitness”; movement analysis, training tips & suggestions that you can benefit from immediately.

SHRED® Platinum Customized Meal Plan

  • This personalized package includes LIVE nutritional coaching with one of our nutrition specialists, who will provide you with a comprehensive personalized nutrition program, and teach you where you can make better choices when it comes to food selection. You will learn what to eat, when to eat it, and what foods will work BEST for your lifestyle, and goals.

Twelve (18) SHRED® Training Sessions with Tommy

  • Each of your 60-minute 1-on-1 SHRED® training sessions with Tommy will push you one step closer to your goals. You’ll learn more effective ways to train, and get the results that you desire. You’ll train with Tommy 2-3-days per week for 6 weeks.
  • Then you’ll train with Tommy once a month every for 6-months, so that you will stay on track towards your goals.
  • It’s time to get the most out of your workout sessions: it’s time to SHRED!

One (1) Ultimate Adventure with Tommy

  • This is your opportunity to do something special to top off your training experience. You and Tommy will go on a 2-hour adventure in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. All you need to do is show up; we will provide meals, activity, transportation and Tommy… your ultimate tour guide.

SHRED® Essentials Pack

  • Your package includes our “ SHRED® Success Manual, which is filled with lifestyle coaching tips, training tips & logs, nutrition recommendations and much more to make your training experience a positive one!
  • The Essentials Pack also comes with a supplement package that will assist in helping you reach your goals.

6- Months of Online Training with Tommy

  • Training with Tommy online will allow you to be up to date with your workouts. You will have 24-hr access to your workout schedule, and detailed video workouts to allow you to achieve the results you want from a proven customized workout plan.
  • You’ll also receive email reminders of your workouts, so that you will know exactly what needs to be done. The online training feature is an amazing compliment to your 1-on-1 training sessions with Tommy.
  • Tommy will provide the workout, you pick the time and location!
  • Working out with a Canada’s top fitness expert has never been more simple and convenient!

6- Months of our 1st Class Support System with Tommy

  • Tommy will be available for support for 6 months from the time that you start training with him. This will allow  you to keep pushing forward towards your goal with Tommy Europe as your very own fitness coach!

Your Total Investment: $4,200

** Partner packages available upon request **

  • SHRED® PLATINUM Reg: $ 5,300. NOW JUST $ 4,200

Note: Tommy’s SHRED® Platinum package is only offered at select times throughout the year, contact us for the next available booking.

Total Amount: 4,200.00 CAD